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The Kennel Club of India is registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act of 1975. It is the official body in the country for the registration of litters as well as effecting transfers. The primary objective of the Club is to promote the scientific breeding of dogs and disseminate useful information for general use to those interested in the pure bred dog.

It is the K.C.I.’s endeavour to promote the welfare of dogs, by laying down norms for breeding, promoting dog shows and obedience trials.  It also records the transfer of registered dogs to those buying dogs. The K.C.I. issues a litter registration certificate together with details of sire, dam, etc. In other words, the Club has the database for the pedigree of dogs registered with them for virtually the last 100 years.

Apart from this, the K.C.I. also recognizes clubs that are formed in different parts of the country for the promotion of the dog game. These clubs adhere to a set of standards and rules to ensure that such clubs all over the country are administered in a uniform manner. These provincial clubs are encouraged to hold a minimum of two championship dog shows every year to give an opportunity for the owners of dogs in that area to have the qualities of their animals assessed.

The K.C.I. has a frame of rules to govern the exhibition of dogs and has provided Challenge and Championship Certificates for top winning dogs.

The K.C.I. also appoints judges for adjudicating at these Championship shows. These judges undergo a rigorous training program organized by the K.C.I.

The Kennel Club of India, as the official body in charge of all activities connected with the pure bred dog, is affiliated to likeminded registering and licensing bodies throughout the world. This helps to recognize and accept the registration details and pedigree of dogs which are imported from other countries.

The Kennel Club of India is managed by a committee elected once every three years from the membership of the Club.

The KCI’s corporate office is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Club has its own office premises and an experienced staff, headed by a well qualified administrative executive.


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