We have been receiving numerous complaints of cheating by Breeders / Kennel owners including misrepresentation of facts, selling sub-standard puppies, giving false information of facts about KCI while dealing with prospective customers etc,etc…

For the general information of Dog lovers planning to own / buy a puppy we give below some precautionary and possible steps that may be taken in order to avoid being taken for a ride by some of the unscrupulous breeders :

01.Do not make any financial commitments before you see the Dog physically.

02.Take the help of a Veterinary Doctor and see the Dog physically.

03.Ensure yourself that you get whatever is promised.

04.Insist for a copy of the Registration certificate if the Breeder claims it is registered with the Kennel Club of India.

05.If it is registered, scan for Microchip with the help of a Vet as every Dog registered with KCI must compulsorily be microchipped.

06.Do not fall prey to false promises and statements like “ we have applied to KCI for registration, the process will take 4-6 months , there is no microchip available” etc..etc.. We take only a maximum of 30 days to complete the registration process and dispatch of Certificates to the Breeders /owners.

07.Never make any Cash payments. Pay only by crossed Cheque or thru Bank which may help you later in case of any hassle.

08.Always insist and get a proper agreement executed and signed by both parties involved which again will help in case of any dispute.

09.Never commit yourself just on the basis of an email / face book or a chat thru any other social media.

10.You may contact us for any further information on the above.


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