1. An aspiring (trainee) judge should have completed 25 years of age before he/she is eligible to apply.

2. He/she should be a Graduate and be well conversant with English.

3. He/she should have been a member of the Kennel Club of India (KCI) for a period of 5 years and should have attended at least 1 Annual General Meeting of the KCI during the previous 5 years.

4. An aspiring judge should be a member of a local club of at least 3 years standing in a Zone* in which he/she resides and should have participated in that Club’s activities. His / her candidature must be endorsed by the Club of which he/she is a member.

* i.e., North, South, East and West Zones

5.Subject to the above conditions being satisfied, an aspiring judge shall apply to the KCI and when intimated should appear for an Aptitude Test. The JTC may dispense with this at its discretion.

A candidate will pay a fee of Rs.1500/- to the KCI at the time of applying.

6. An aspiring judge should have bred, owned, shown and made up 2 Champions out of his/her own breeding in 2 of the 7 groups.

7. All aspiring judges will be permitted to take up any 2 groups at a time as shown below.


1. Working + Utility

2) Pastoral + Toys + Terriers

3) Gundog + Hounds

Because of small numbers Toys + Terriers may be treated as one group.


If a trainee judge takes the Working + Utility in 2009 and is passed by the tutor judges at 3 separate Shows he/she proceeds to do the 2nd grouping (Pastoral + Toys + Terriers) in 2010 and grouping 3 (Gundog + Hounds) in 2011. The trainees are welcome to take these groups in any order. But no more than 2 Groups (with the exception of Toys and Terriers) will be allowed in one calendar year.

8. The candidate must be a ‘trainee’ judge under 3 different ‘tutor’ judges as allocated by the JTC. Only after successfully clearing these 3 assignments can the candidate proceed to the next grouping.

9. The trainee judge is not permitted to take up a second assignment at the same location where 2 Clubs are organizing back-to-back Shows, as the exhibits remain the same.

10. The JTC will select 3 judges from a list approved by the KCI Committee to act as ‘tutor’ judges. The aspiring judge will follow what the tutor judge tells them to do including going over dogs and writing a critique on the dogs. The tutor judge must forward this along with his confidential report on the candidate, to the JTC.

11. The JTC will study the report by all 3 judges and once they are satisfied with the trainee judge’s knowledge of the breeds in that group, as well as, aptitude and ring manners, they will recommend to the KCI that a judging licence for that group be granted to the aspiring judge.

12. If one of the tutor judges gives an unsatisfactory report the candidate will be given an opportunity to be evaluated again by another judge at a later show. However, if the trainee judge fails again he/she will have to apply again after 6 months. This is to give him or her sufficient time to study and be better prepared.

13. After the aspiring Judge has completed the above trainee judging assignments he/she will sit for a written examination organized by the JTC. If he / she is successful the KCI will permit him /her to grant Challenge Certificates at a Championship Show.

After he / she has judged 10 Championship Shows he / she will be confirmed as a regular judge on the KCI panel and permitted to Judge at Pointed Shows.

14. The KCI reserves the right to rescind Trainee Judge status on the basis of moral turpitude, criminal conviction or behavior, unbecoming of the status of a Judge on KCI panel.

Amended’ as Ver. 1.1 on 16.04.09


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