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Yashodhara started her kennels “YASHBANS” in 1980. ‘YASHBANS’ is partly derived from her name ‘YASH’, which also incidentally means “success” and ‘BANS’ from the city Bangalore, which gave shape to her childhood aspirations and dreams. What started as a mere passion for animals soon became her profession too. She has bred, owned and handled some of India’s top German Shepherds, Dobermanns, Boxers, Rottweilers, St.Bernards, Chow Chows, Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, Pomeranians, Siberian Huskies, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Miniature Pinschers and the Standard Dachshunds for over three decades now.

Winning awards like ‘BREEDER OF THE YEAR,’ ‘DOG OF THE YEAR,’ ‘RESERVE DOG OF THE YEAR’, ‘RESERVE PUPPY OF THE YEAR’ made Yashodhara realize her dream of being one of India’s most successful woman in an unique field created from a passion..

Yashodhara showcased her determination for perfection by breeding two ‘DOG OF THE YEARS,’ and a ‘RESERVE PUPPY OF THE YEAR,’ besides innumerable Champions and Line up winners. This earned her kennel Yashbans the reputation of being one of India’s most reputed and trusted kennels, which continues till date. Her kennels also offers limited, top class boarding facilities.

With the immense knowledge and experience Yashodhara has acquired over the years in breeding, maintaining, handling and grooming pets, she decided to create a business out of it. She is the brainchild behind India’s first ever Grooming Parlour for pets. The Professional Pet Styling Studio & Spa, School and a specialized Pet Logistics Company, under the brand name of FUZZY WUZZY was created in 2002. This brand also showcases a line of niche show accessories, and specialized, grooming tools and products.

Her new project, PETZORAMA, includes an exclusive range of pet products, after decades of research and development, AYURVEDA FOR ANIMALS being her specialized line of safe and cruelty free products.

She has dedicated part of all her proceeds to the welfare and care of injured, homeless and stray animals.

Yashodhara has a keen interest in all forms of art and culture. Her interests include painting, travelling and writing. She is in the process of bringing out her first novel specially written for pet lovers like her.

The burning desire to overcome all obstacles and to establish herself as a leading entrepreneur has made Yashodhara realize that the struggle over the years has been well worth it. She is particularly keen on educating and encouraging the younger generation to show compassion and love towards all animals and to promote ethical breeding and showing of pedigreed dogs.

Yashodhara enjoys the roles of being a breeder, judge, mother, environmentalist and conservationist.


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