Litter Registration

A litter can be registered only when both the parents of the pups are KCI registered dogs.Down load the litter form and "A" form from the Downloads Section The "A" form must be signed by sire owner and sent to us along with the litter registration form duly filled.The fee for litter registration per puppy within 60 days is Rs.562/- and the fee for litter registration per puppy from 61-120 days is Rs.843/-. The demand draft drawn must be in favour of the "Kennel Club of India", payable at "Chennai". The litter registration form must reach KCI within 4 months from the date of birth of the pups failing which the pups will be registered in unknown parentage. If you are not a subscriber of the `Indian Kennel Gazette', it is mandatory to subscribe for the same. Down load the subscription form from the Downloads Section and the subscription fee is Rs.300/- per annum. The demand draft must be drawn in favour of the "Indian Kennel Gazette", payable at "Chennai". On receipt of the same, we shall do the needful.

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