Dogs Lovers Note:

As you must be aware that most dog owners / buyers are not transferring their dogs to their names with frequent complaints being received later of having lost the certificates and microchips. To arrest this problem the following decision has been taken in our last AGM held in September 2016.

WITH EFFECT FROM 1ST JANUARY 2017 a decision has been taken to charge a transfer fee of Rs.500/- plus applicable GST which is currently Rs.90/- if the transfer has not been effected after 12 months from the birth of the puppy. This has also been published in the November 2016 issue of IKG Editorial.

Registered Clubs Secretaries and Dog owners are kindly requested to inform all concerned in the doggy fraternity within their network that ownership transfer applications received by us having completed 12 months or more from the date of birth of the dogs from 1st January 2017 must necessarily be accompanied with a transfer fee of Rs.590/- .

For any further information on this do not hesitate to call the Kennel Club of India.


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