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Personal Information A Kennel Club of India licensed judge, Mr. Partha Sekhar commenced all breeds judging from 1986. He was introduced to the world of Pigeon racing, exotic birds and of course dogs from his birth. His father was a big game hunter and breeding and showing dogs was a routine affair in the chatterjee household.

Partha has bred and exhibited several breeds like the Greater German Spitz, Dobermans, Whippets, Pomeranians, Dachshund STD Smooths, GSDs, Boxers, Rottweillers, and Lhasa Apsos making up numerous champions and top winners. He shares 2 prefix affix one Patricia Kennel owned jointly with his wife registered nearly 30 years ago. While the other Questland Kennels owned jointly with Mr.Michael Liu. Under Questland there are several top winning dogs of various breeds and possibly the most famous Doberman in the country, Ch. Apt to be a king's ransom (imported from the USA). He won the coveted Best In Show at the first ever AKU FCI Show held in this country at Chennai in the year 2000.

Committee Member of The Kennel Club of India and presently associated with several Kennel Clubs, Mr. Partha Sekhar commenced judging internationally from the year 1989 and since then has judged several shows in Australia and New Zealand repeatedly. In 1989 he was one of the judges for the Melbourne Royal and his other prestigious appointments also includes the Pal Blue Ribbon awards in Auckland and in 2000 he has judged the Brisbane Royal and in 2004 he judged the Hobart Royal. Over the years he has judged in Hong Kong, Nepal, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, Malasia and the Phillippines. He has many Domestic & International appointments in the years ahead.

Mr. Chatterjee owns a pharmacy and a veterinary clinic attended by several veterinarians treating dogs and other animals. Now his new addition is a pet shop in the name & style of Pets & Plant World which people visit for a world class pet shop experience advisory council. He is also a member of the popular Indian Pet Magazine "Pet India" for which he writes a column.